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  2006 W. Huisinga, R. Telgmann, and M. Wulkow The virtual lab approach to pharmacokinetic: Design principles and concepts. Drug Discovery Today, 11, pp800-805 [bibtex]
  2006 Tianji Li, Q. Ni, D. Malone, D.J. Leith, Y. Xiao, T. Turletti A New MAC Scheme for Very High-Speed WLANs. Proc WoWMoM (International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks, iagara-Falls, Buffalo-NY, USA, 26-29 June 2006).. DOI: 10.1109/WOWMOM.2006.13 [bibtex]
  2006 T. Eiandszliging, S. Waldherr, C. Gondro, E. Bullinger, O. Sawodny, F. Allgandoumlwer, P. Scheurich, and T. Sauter Sensitivity analysis of programmed cell death and implications for crosstalk phenomena during Tumor Necrosis Factor stimulation Proc. IEEE Conference on Control Applications, Munich, pages 1746-1752 [bibtex]
  2006 Stanojevic, R., Shorten, R. and Kellet C Adaptive tuning of Drop-Tail buffers for reducing queueing delays IEEE Communications Letters, 10(7) [bibtex]
  2006 Solmaz S., Mason O., Shorten R. General Inertia and Circle Criterion Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 6(1), pp845-846 [bibtex]
  2006 Solmaz S., Corless M., Shorten R. A methodology for the design of robust rollover prevention controllers for automotive vehicles: Part 1-Differential Braking Proc. 45th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, San Diego, Dec 13-15, 2006. [bibtex]
  2006 Solmaz S., Akar M., Shorten R. Online Center of Gravity Estimation in Automotive Vehicles using Multiple Models and Switching Proc. 9th IEEE International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision, Singapore, December 5-8, 2006 [bibtex]
  2006 Shorten,R.N., Leith,D.J. Partitioning and Invariance of AIMD Dynamics in Synchronised Communication Networks Proc. Control 2006. [bibtex]
  2006 Shorten, R.N., Wirth, F., Leith, D.J. A positive systems model of TCP-like congestion control: Asymptotic results. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 14(3), pp616-629. DOI: 10.1109/TNET.2006.876178 [bibtex]
  2006 Shorten, R.N., Leith,D.J. Impact of Drop Synchronisation on TCP Fairness in High Bandwidth-Delay Product Networks. Proc. Protocols for Fast Long Distance Networks, Nara, Japan. [bibtex]
  2006 Santiago Jaramillo Allocation of Computational Resources in the Nervous System. PhD Thesis, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland. [bibtex]
  2006 S. Streif, R. Findeisen, and E. Bullinger Relating cross Gramians and sensitivity analysis in systems biology Proc. of the 17th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, 24-28 July, Kyoto, Japan, pages 437-442 [bibtex]
  2006 S. Nicklin, R. Fisher and R.H. Middleton Rolling shutter image compensation Proc. Robocup Symposium, Bremen, Germany, June 2006 [bibtex]
  2006 R. Telgmann, M. von Kleist, and W. Huisinga Software Supported Modelling in Pharmacokinetics Computational Life Sciences II, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4216 (2006), M.R. Berthold, R. Glen, and I. Fischer (Eds.), Springer, pp. 216-225 [bibtex]
  2006 R. H. Middleton, C. M. Kellett, and R. N. Shorten Fairness and Convergence results for Additive-Increase Multiplicative Decrease multiple-bottleneck networks Proc. 45th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, San Diego, December 2006 [bibtex]
  2006 R. Agrawal, R. Berry, J. Huang and V. Subramanian Optimal Scheduling for OFDMA Systems Proceedings of Asilomar 2006 [bibtex]
  2006 Parisa Eslambolchilar Making Sense of Interaction Using a Model-Based Approach. PhD Thesis, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland. [bibtex]
  2006 P. Paul, A. Quere, E. Arnaud, X. Morandi and P. Jannin A surface registration approach for video-based analysis of intraoperative brain surface deformations Proc. Workshop on Augmented Environments for Medical Imaging and Computer-Aided Surgery (AMI-ARC'06) [bibtex]
  2006 P. Eslambolchilar, R. Murray-Smith Model-based, multimodal interaction in document browsing Proc. 3rd Joint Workshop on Multimodal Interaction and Related Machine Learning Algorithms (MLMI'06), Washington DC, p1-13, 2006. [bibtex]
  2006 P. Clifford, K.Duffy, J. Foy, D. J. Leith and D. Malone. Modeling 802.11e for data traffic parameter design. IEEE WiOPT 2006 , April 3-7, 2006, Boston, USA. [bibtex]
  2006 O. Mason and R. Shorten On the simultaneous diagonal stability of a pair of positive linear systems Linear Algebra and its Applications, 413, pp13-23 [bibtex]
  2006 O. Mason and M. Verwoerd Graph Theory and Networks in Biology International Conference on Systems Biology, Yokohama, 2006 [bibtex]
  2006 Neo, K. S., Leithead, W. E., Zhang, Y. Multi-frequency scale Gaussian regression for noisy time-series data Proc. 6th bi-ennial UKACC Control Conference, International Control Conference 2006, Glasgow, U.K. [bibtex]
  2006 M. Verwoerd Fixed-Point Analysis of a Finite System of Kuramoto Oscillators Proceedings of the Fourth Irish Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science and Information Technology (MFCSIT), Cork, 2006 [bibtex]
  2006 M. Verwoerd, G. Meinsma, T. de Vries On admissible pairs and equivalent feedback Youla parameterization in iterative learning control Automatica, 42, pp2079-2089 [bibtex]
  2006 M. Verwoerd and O. Mason Discussion on Multi-layer Switching Control using Generalized Sampled-data Hold Functions European Journal of Control, 12(7), pp500-504 [bibtex]
  2006 M. Salgado and D. Oyarzun Basic integrated modelling: A case study International Journal on Electrical Engineering Education, 43(3), pp217-231 [bibtex]
  2006 M. Nickel, E. Bullinger, and F. Beckmann Functional morphology of Tethya species (porifera): 2. Three-dimensional morphometrics on spicules and skeleton superstructures of T. minuta Zoomorphology, 125(4), pp225-239 [bibtex]
  2006 M. Farina, R. Findeisen, E. Bullinger, S. Bittanti, F. Allgandouml;wer, and P. Wellstead Results towards identifiability properties of biochemical reaction networks Proc. of the 45th IEEE Conf. on Decision and Control, San Diego, USA, pages 2104-2109 [bibtex]
  2006 Li, Y.T., Leith,D.J., Even,B. Evaluating the Performance of TCP Stacks for High-Speed Networks Proc. Protocols for Fast Long Distance Networks, Nara, Japan [bibtex]
  2006 Leizarowitz, A., Stanojevic, R. and Shorten, R Tools for the analysis and design of communication networks with Markovian dynamics Proceedings of IEE, Control Theory and Applications, 153(5) [bibtex]
  2006 Leith,D.J., Clifford,P. Convergence of Distributed Learning Algorithms for Optimal Wireless Channel Allocation Proc. IEEE Conf on Decision and Control, San Diego. [bibtex]
  2006 Kellett,C., Shorten,R.N., Leith, D.J. Sizing Internet Router Buffers, Active Queue Management, and the Lure Problem Proc. IEEE Conf on Decision and Control, San Diego [bibtex]
  2006 K. Peterson, R.H. Middleton, and J. S. Freudenberg Fundamental Limitations in Active Magnetic Bearings with Periodic Perturbations Proc. 2006 American Control Conference. Minneapolis, June 2006 [bibtex]
  2006 K. Duffy, D.J. Leith, Tianji Li and D. Malone Improving fairness in multi-hop mesh networks using 802.11e. Proc. RAWNET 2006. [bibtex]
  2006 K. Duffy, D.J. Leith, Tianji Li and D. Malone Modeling 802.11 Mesh Networks IEEE Communications Letters, 10(8), pp635-637. DOI: 10.1109/LCOMM.2006.1665135 [bibtex]
  2006 J. Williamson, S. Strachan, R. Murray-Smith, Its a Long Way to Monte-Carlo: Probabilistic GPS Navigation Proceedings of Mobile HCI 2006, Helsinki, 2006. [bibtex]
  2006 J. S. Freudenberg, R.H. Middleton and V. Solo The Minimal Signal-to-Noise Ratio Required to Stabilize over a Noisy Channel Proc 2006 American Control Conference. Minneapolis, June 2006 [bibtex]
  2006 J. Huang, V. Subramanian, R. Agrawal and R. Berry Downlink Scheduling and Resource Allocation for OFDM Systems Proceedings of CISS 2006, Princeton [bibtex]
  2006 J. Cohen-Adad, P. Paul, X. Morandi and P. Jannin Knowledge modeling in image-guided neurosurgery: application in understanding intraoperative brain shift Proc. SPIE Medical Imaging 2006: Visualization, Image-Guided Procedures and Display [bibtex]
  2006 I. Dangerfield, D. Malone, D.J. Leith Testbed Evaluation of 802.11e EDCA for Enhanced Voice over WLAN Performance. WiNMee 2006, April 3 , Boston, USA. [bibtex]
  2006 G.C. Goodwin, M.M. Seron, R.H. Middleton, M. Zhang, B.F. Hennessy, P.M. Stone and M. Menabde Receding Horizon Control Applied to Optimal Mine Planning Automatica, 42(8), pp1337-1342 [bibtex]
  2006 D. Oyarzun and M. Salgado Suboptimal triangular controller design methodology for full MIMO stable systems Proceedings of the 6th bi-ennial UKACC Control Conference, Glasgow, Scotland. [bibtex]
  2006 D. Miller and R.H. Middleton On Limitations to the Achievable Path Tracking Performance for Linear Multivariable Plants Proc. 45th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, San Diego, December 2006 [bibtex]
  2006 D. Malone Counting 6to4 Relay Routers. ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communications Review, 36(1), pp79-82. DOI: 10.1145/1111322.1111340 [bibtex]
  2006 D. Malone, P. Clifford, D.J. Leith On Buffer Sizing for Voice in 802.11 WLANs. IEEE Communications Letters., 10(10), pp700-703. DOI: 10.1109/LCOMM.2006.060400. [bibtex]
  2006 D. Kalamatianos, P.E. Wellstead, J.M. Edmunds, and P. Liatsis Active alignment for two-beam interferometers Review of Scientific Instruments, 77(1) [bibtex]
  2006 D. J. Leith, P. Clifford A Self-Managed Distributed Channel Selection Algorithm for WLANs Proc. RAWNET 2006, Boston, MA [bibtex]
  2006 B. Blankertz, G. Dornhege, M. Krauledat, M. Schroder, J. Williamson, R. Murray-Smith, K.R. Muller The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface presents the novel mental typewriter Hex-o-Spell Proc. 3rd International BCI Workshop and Training Course, Graz, 2006. [bibtex]
  2006 A.J. Rojas, J.S. Freudenberg, J.H. Braslavsky and R.H. Middleton Optimal Signal to Noise Ratio in Feedback Over Communication Channels with Memory Proc. 45th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, San Diego, December 2006 [bibtex]

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